Phonic dominoes

Domino type games can be a fun way to practice vocabulary, grammar or proununciation. In this game, students need to match together words that have the same sounds.

Most students know the general idea of how to play but it is worth spending the time reviewing the rules.

  1. Students play in groups of three or four.
  2. Each student gets 5 dominoes.
  3. Turn over a domino from the remaining pack so everyone can see it.
  4. Choose a student to go first. This student must try and match a word on the upturned domino with one in his hand.
  5. If they find a match, the student lays the domino on the table, end to end with the domino already there.
  6. Play then passes to the next student.
  7. If the student can not lay a domino then they take an extra domino form the pack.
  8. Play continues until one student gets rid of all their dominoes.

The easiest way to explain the rules is to play a few turn of a practise game with all the students watching. This takes a little time but is easier than explaining it yourself. At the end of the demonstration, just make sure that students understand that:

  1. Players need to play in turn
  2. You take an extra domino if you cannot go
  3. You can only place domino at the end of the line

The last point is important as students often try and build extra lines of dominoes starting from middle. If the students find they game difficult, they may give up on the game and work collaboratively on making a line of dominoes. This is fine. After they have done this, they may want to go on and play a normal game. Have fun.